Research Staff

The Research Team plans and conducts research and development projects to support all IDEA Center instruments. The team is responsive to client questions and feedback about use and interpretation of student ratings and administrator feedback systems. Members of this team write IDEA Research Reports and Research Notes, present research findings at regional and national conferences, and submit manuscripts for professional publications.

Individual Development and Educational Assessment

35 Years of Service for Higher Education

The success of your institution of higher education is the reason The IDEA Center exists. As a nonprofit organization, we have partnered since 1975 with colleges and universities across the country to reach the same goal — continuous individual and institutional improvement and achievement.

What Makes IDEA Unique?

IDEA services are built on an extensive, nation-wide research program and provide critical insight to guide personal and programmatic reflection. Each service offers targeted feedback for improving personal performance – while positively impacting the institution’s processes and outcomes.

These three goals—insight, improvement, impact—lie at the heart of our model, which involves:

Our Research, Resources and Training

As a nonprofit organization, The IDEA Center is committed to an aggressive research agenda that objectively explores both the efficacy of our services as well as the potential and limitations of constituent feedback systems for improving instruction, administration, leadership, and institutions.

On this site, you will find an entire knowledge base of research papers, technical reports, and studies addressing issues from curriculum and instructional theory, to best practices for evaluation systems, to detailed support for our services, including customized training opportunities.


We are always looking for talented people to join The IDEA Center team. The following are current career opportunities:

There are no current openings.

Staff Members

Matthew Benfer

Processing Technician

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Steve Benton

Senior Research Officer

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Ruth Campfield

Senior Financial and Operations Officer

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Christopher K. Conner

Director of Information and Technology

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Robert Eltze

Computer and Network Support Technician

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Oonagh Fowler

Receptionist and Office Manager

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Jessica Gleaves

Processing Manager

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Jake Glover

Senior Educational Consultant

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Joy Holz

Processing Technician

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Joonsuk Lee

Software Sustainability Lead

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Dan Li

Research Associate

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Melissa Linenberger

Client Support Specialist

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Diane Potts

Training and Support Specialist

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Tanner Ratzlaff

Director of Software Development

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Jennifer Rome

Business Operations Assistant

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Ken Ryalls


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Angela Simons

Media Specialist

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Pat Sullivan

Director of Product Development

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Jenny Sump

Executive Assistant and Event Coordinator

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Traci Taylor

Director of Client Solutions

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Daniel Tofan

Software Developer

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Todd Wallentine

Software Developer

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Board of Directors

In 2001, The IDEA Center received 501(c)(3) nonprofit status to more effectively pursue its mission, serving hundreds of institutions of higher education. The Board of Directors comprises national leaders in teaching, learning, evaluation, and higher education leadership.

Larry Braskamp, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Education, Loyola University of Chicago
IDEA Executive Committee Member  

Jason Caniglia, M.P.A.

Associate VP for Constituent Development, Kansas State University Foundation