Faculty Information Form Resources

The following is faculty support information and documents for Student Ratings of Instruction:

Completing the Faculty Information Form

Completing the Paper Faculty Information FormIt may be helpful to have the Faculty Information Form and the Directions to Faculty. Completing the Online Faculty Information...

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Directions to Faculty

PDF containing Directions to Faculty: Directions to Faculty The following PDF contains useful information on incorporating additional questions on the Student Ratings of Instruction survey: Using...

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Some Thoughts on Selecting IDEA Objectives

PDF containing ideas to consider as you select objectives to target on Student Ratings of Instruction: Some Thoughts on Selecting Objectives

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Disciplinary Selection of Learning Objectives

PDF containing the percentages of classes that identified each of the 12 learning objectives used in Student Ratings of Assessment as important to their particular discipline: Disciplinary Learning...

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Discipline/Department Codes

Downloadable PDF of Discipline Codes Formerly referred to as "Department Code"  This code is used to provide the disciplinary comparisons in the course report and helps identify your course. In some...

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Sample Syllabi Integrating IDEA Objectives

A Sample Syllabi Integrating IDEA Objectives PDF. Sample Syllabi Using IDEA Objectives

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Research Note 3--Teaching Evaluation and Number of Objectives Chosen

The following is a PDF containing Research Note 3, which addresses teaching evaluation and the number of learning objectives chosen: Research Note 3

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