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Student Ratings of Instruction

Preparing to Launch with IDEA

Information on getting started with Student Ratings of Instruction and best practices from clients.

For Campus Coordinators

Support information, guides, and best practices for coordinators regarding Student Ratings of Instruction.

Interpreting Reports

Resources to provide guidance for interpreting the Student Ratings of Instruction reports.

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Feedback for Administrators

Administering Guide

A guide to help administrators and raters effectively use the IDEA Feedback for Administrators instrument.

Best Practices

Best practices when using the IDEA Feedback Systems for Chairs and other Administrators.

Request Form

A form for requesting the IDEA Feedback for Administrators instrument.

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Services for Department Chairs

Feedback for Department Chairs

Nationally available tool for evaluating chairpersons and providing a basis for their further development.

Chair Coaching

Personalized consultation based on the identified needs of academic department chairs to build leadership skills.

Department Chair Seminars

An in-depth examination of key topics essential to the academic chairperson’s administrative role.

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