These succinct papers were written in collaboration with the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD). As a resource to support teaching improvement, each is useful to anyone wanting to address specific ways to employ different teaching methods – each of which is utilized in the IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction.

IDEA Item No. 20

Encouraged student-faculty interaction outside of class

IDEA Item No. 19

Gave projects, tests, or assignments that required original or creative thinking

IDEA Item No. 18

Asked students to help each other understand ideas or concepts

IDEA Item No. 17

Provided timely and frequent feedback on tests, reports, projects, etc., to help students improve

IDEA Item No. 16

Asked students to share ideas and experiences with others whose backgrounds and viewpoints differ from their own

IDEA Item No. 15

Inspired students to set and achieve goals which really challenged them

IDEA Item No. 14

Involved students in “hands-on” projects such as research, case studies, or real-life activities

IDEA Item No. 13

Introduced stimulating ideas about the subject

IDEA Item No. 12

Gave tests, projects, etc. that covered the most important points of the course

IDEA Item No. 11

Related course material to real-life situations

IDEA Item No. 10

Explained course material clearly and concisely

IDEA Item No. 9

Encouraged students to use multiple resources to improve understanding

IDEA Item No. 8

Stimulated students to intellectual effort beyond that required by most courses

IDEA Item No. 7

Explaining the reasons for criticisms of students’ academic performance

IDEA Item No. 6

Made it clear how each topic fits into the course

IDEA Item No. 5

Formed “teams” or “discussion groups” to facilitate learning

IDEA Item No. 4

Demonstrated the importance and significance of the subject matter

IDEA Item No. 3

Scheduled course work (class activities, tests, projects) in ways which encouraged students to stay up-to-date in their work

IDEA Item No. 2

Found ways to help students answer their own questions

IDEA Item No. 1

Displayed a personal interest in students and their learning

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