Two Great People for Connecting with IDEA

April 14, 2014

By Jake Glover 

IDEA Education is, at its core, a relational organization. We highly value the opportunity to connect with our clients as partners in the mission to improve student learning. We also strive to offer the best tools to decipher the teaching and learning dynamic and the resources to translate information into action. Because of this connection between relationships and expertise I want to highlight two champions of IDEA. Both individuals have made themselves available to come to client campuses to share their expertise for using the IDEA Student Ratings System as a catalyst for positive change on their campus as well as on campuses they visit. Introducing Jo Clemmons and Stephanie Juillerat, IDEA Field Consultants.

J. ClemmonsJo Clemmons is the Director of The Center for Teaching and Learning and an associate professor of music at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. She is a classical singer with degrees in vocal performance and pedagogy and has performed in numerous operas and recitals primarily in New York and San Diego. She has an EdD in College Teaching of music from Columbia University. Her research interests focus mainly on understanding and increasing student learning, and also assessment of teaching and learning in higher ed. Special interests include rapport between teachers and students and assessment in the fine arts specifically in higher ed. She has published in the Journal of Singing and the College Music Symposium Journal and presented at the College Music Society National Conference, POD National Conference, WASC Conference and the IDEA Users Group Meeting.

As CTL Director, Jo runs workshops for faculty on numerous pedagogical topics such as Team-Based Learning, student-created video projects, using clickers to increase learning, collaborative learning techniques, and Getting the most out of your IDEA Student Ratings. Jo works extensively with faculty one-on-one, doing classroom observations and helping them analyze and use their IDEA feedback to improve instruction and student learning. Through this process she has seen absolutely dramatic results.

Dr. Stephanie Juillerat is the Associate Provost at Azusa Pacific University, with primary oversight of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment. As the founder of CTLA, Stephanie joined a variety of faculty support functions into a cohesive unit that now provides faculty training and support in the areas of faculty development, faculty evaluation, adjunct faculty support, diversity, outcomes assessment, program review, faith integration, and institutional research. CTLA has quickly established a reputation as the “go-to” place for faculty to receive assistance in all aspects of the faculty role.

Stephanie played a key role in adopting IDEA as the primary measure of teaching effectiveness at APU. Since adopting IDEA university-wide, Stephanie has helped APU integrate IDEA into its faculty development curriculum, program review process, and faculty evaluation system for promotion.

In May, 2010, Stephanie participated in the inaugural class of the WASC Assessment Leadership Academy. Her expertise in assessment is shared with other institutions through WASC accreditation site visits and as a mentor at the WASC Assessment Retreats. Additionally, Stephanie provides consultation to universities in the areas of assessment of student learning, program review and evaluation, teaching effectiveness, and student satisfaction. She is author of book chapters, peer-reviewed articles, and professional materials, as well as the co-author of the widely used Student Satisfaction Inventory.

As IDEA Field Consultants both Jo and Stephanie are available to provide workshops and lead conversations facilitating the use of IDEA to its fullest potential on your campus. Call us to discuss ways a site visit can benefit your overall mission and goals.

Welcome Jo and Stephanie! We are grateful to be able to share your talents and skills with the larger IDEA family!

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