Fooled No More – Participating in the IDEA Help Community

March 31, 2014

By Jake Glover 

Many this April Fool’s Day will work to pull a prank or two. Others will be on their guard to avoid being made the fool of those pranks. I actually enjoy the good-natured mischief of a well-designed prank. Google has some decent ones. Use the comments section to share some of your favorite April Fools pranks. Because one of the key values of IDEA Education is “knowledge,” there is no better way to inoculate yourself from the foolishness of this day than to explore a resource designed to help you get the most of IDEA.

The mission of IDEA is to use our expertise for the improvement of learning in higher education. The single greatest skill we employ for meeting that mission is partnering with our clients to help them reach their student learning goals. It is a joy to interact with the variety of institution types and the many excellent individuals who make them “hum”. We want to share that joy by helping our clients connect with one another too!

I recently blogged about IDEA being the hub for Communities of Practice on your own campuses. We also have tools that allow users of IDEA to interact with one another from one campus to another. One of those tools is the IDEA Help Community. This online forum gives all IDEA clients a place to post questions and to see what others have asked about as well. While the folks here at IDEA strive to be vigilant and provide responses on the site it is aptly named a “community”. It is designed to be a place for you to respond to one another as well. There doesn’t need to be a question or a particular issue in mind to participate either. The site includes space to give suggestions and make general comments, too. All items posted are created to be discussion starters in addition to being a repository of answers and collective wisdom.

Although we believe the site is a solid foundation, it is also incomplete. It won’t reach its fullest potential until it includes your voice. The whole site is designed for your input from creating questions and suggestions to commenting on what others have posted. It’s straightforward to rate your favorite posts, to search for keywords on the topics you’re interested in, and to look for posts by specific individuals.

The Help Community is more than the traditional F.A.Q. site. It’s a resource intended to connect our clients with the knowledge they need in the moment but also with the people who can facilitate more efficient and more effective utilization of the IDEA feedback systems. We look forward to all the opportunities we get to interact with our clients. I hope you will share with the entire IDEA community by participating in the Help Community website as well!

Is it cheating to post a

Is it cheating to post a comment in my own blog post? I wanted to share some fun April Foolery from today:

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