2 Ways to Use IDEA for Promotion, Mid-Tenure, and Tenure Review

December 2, 2013

By Shelley Chapman 

Often, when I visit a campus, faculty ask me how to use IDEA  for their promotion, mid-tenure, or tenure review process. While each institution has its own policies and procedures, perhaps this blog post can provide faculty with two new ideas to consider.

I. Display how you did over time
Look for trends. One of the best ways to do this is to use the IDEA Faculty Worksheet, which is a free download from our homepage. (Thanks to Pam Christoffers for creating this form.) Just plug in your IDEA scores into the appropriate boxes, click on the graphing page, and you will see how you did over time.

II. Create a Development Plan with IDEA Data and Reflection Statements
To do this, you could use the same IDEA Faculty Worksheet described in part I of this blog post. It also includes reflective questions you can use to create a plan for professional improvement. Follow these steps:

A. Reflect on Student Learning
After considering these data, other data revealed on the Diagnostic Form, as well as your own impressions, select:

1.) On which objective did your students show the most progress?
2.) On which objective did your students show the least progress?

This last objective is your target objective.
B. Reflect on Teaching Methods

Given these data, which two or three teaching methods represent the greatest opportunity for improvement for you?
No. 7. Explained the reasons for criticisms of students’ academic performance.
No. 10. Explained course material clearly and concisely.
No. 12 Gave tests, projects, etc. that covered the most important points of the course.
C. Next, Use POD IDEA Notes on Instruction to Learn About New Things to Try in your Class
Read the POD IDEA Notes on Instruction for the particular teaching methods you have identified. Then decide how you will try something new next semester with one or more of those teaching methods.
D. Implement New IDEAS, Review, and Reflect
After the following semester has ended, what differences did you see? Write a brief reflective paragraph describing any improvement you see in student learning, as well as about what students say about the teaching methods you used. Make suggestions for next time you teach this course, demonstrating a continual cycle of reflection and improvement efforts.

If you decide not to use the IDEA Faculty Worksheet, you can still demonstrate how you have reflected upon the suggested action steps from your Diagnostic Reports and decided upon which teaching methods you might work on to improve student learning. Write your own reflective piece about what you saw from your reports and how you made changes to contribute to better student learning the next time you taught. Show the results after the next semester. You will be “closing the loop” on the individual level, showing your colleagues, chairperson, and dean how you are using IDEA data to inform the art and practice of your teaching.

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