IDEA Gives Back to Teaching and Learning

February 1, 2016

By Dr. Brad K. Mazon Director of Fundraising and Advancement If you follow @IDEAEducation, have visited our LinkedIn page or Giving webpages, or if you have spoken with me, Ken, or Jake, you likely have heard about our newly launched IDEA Impact Grants. During this, our 40th anniversary, IDEA’s ability to give back to teaching and learning practitioners through grants supported… Read more →

Why Student Ratings Matter

January 18, 2016

By Ken Ryalls, Ph.D. President, @IDEAPrez  This academic year has seen a rash of articles in the popular and pseudo-scientific press about the uselessness of student ratings of instruction and/or course evaluations. For every article that rolls out, our research team puts together a critique of the article in a cogent and professional manner, citing research, agreeing where warranted, and… Read more →

A Little Time Now Will Pay Off Later

January 4, 2016

By David Pollock  Sometimes it’s better to figure things out for yourself. I’ve learned a lot of software that way—clicking here and there and seeing what happens—using trial and error until I learn how to do what I want to do. It can be an effective way to learn things. But sometimes, you can save a lot of time and… Read more →

New Teaching Method Addresses Student Interpretation of Diverse Perspectives

December 21, 2015

By David Pollock  Piaget showed us that until about age 4, children are cognitively incapable of taking the perspective of someone else (see this video example). Children of this age assume that others see things exactly as they do. As children mature and experience the world, they begin to understand that others have a different point of view. In the… Read more →

New IDEA Teaching Method Highlights Service Learning

December 1, 2015

By David Pollock  Formal education has long been disparaged as living in an “ivory tower,” unconnected to the real world in any meaningful way. There are many justifiable reasons for abstract theorizing in our institutions of higher learning, of course, but the ultimate goal for students is to acquire knowledge and develop skills that can be used throughout their personal… Read more →

What’s New in IDEA 2016 Teaching Methods

November 9, 2015

By Dan Li  One of the strengths of IDEA Diagnostic Feedback is to provide formative feedback on teaching methods, performance of which can improve student learning on relevant objectives. In other words, instructors can receive tailored suggestions on which teaching methods they should retain or strengthen, depending on learning objectives they emphasized in the course and their performance of related… Read more →

What’s New in IDEA 2016 Learning Objectives

October 28, 2015

By Steve Benton A little over two years ago during IDEA research staff meetings and at coffee breaks my colleagues and I began to have conversations about which IDEA learning objectives should be dropped or retained in the soon-to-be updated instrument—IDEA Diagnostic Feedback 2016. Should we keep both Objectives 1 (factual knowledge) and 2 (principles and theories) even if student… Read more →

A Roadmap to Curricular Redesign

October 14, 2015

Is your institution facing increasing pressure for accountability? Are you being forced to become more efficient due to declining resources? Does your curriculum need a redesign overhaul? If you can answer yes to these questions, then you might find an article published recently in the Journal of Transformative Learning right up your alley. Debra Fowler and her colleagues (Maria Lazo,… Read more →

IDEA Impact Grants

September 28, 2015

By Brad K. Mazon, Ph.D., Director, Fundraising and Advancement As a fundraising professional, I have to always keep what motivates a donor to give in the forefront. Even in my own life, I’ve had to evaluate what it is about a certain organization that motivates me to want to support its cause. I’ve come to the conclusion that the motivation… Read more →